Books on Books Takanashi Vol.6 “Toshi-e (Towards the City)”

Takanashi, Yutaka
Publisher: Errata Editions
Binding: Hardcover
Language: English
Pages: 176
Measurements: 18.50 x 25.00 cm

Yutaka Takanashi’s Toshi-e (Towards the City) is a landmark two-volume set of books from one one of the founders of the avant-garde Japanese magazine Provoke. Published in 1974 and considered the most luxurious of all of the Provoke era publications, its brooding, pessimistic tone describes the state of contemporary life in an unnamed city in Japan undergoing economic and industrial change. Books on Books 6 reproduces all one hundred sixteen black and white photographs that make up the two volumes. Photographer, writer and book historian Gerry Badger, contributes an essay called Image of the City – Yutaka Takanashi’s Toshi-e.

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