Birds and words

Harper, Charley
Publisher: Ammo Books
Binding: Hardcover
Language: English
Pages: 152
Measurements: 16.50 x 21.00 cm

This lovely reissue of the highly collectible 1974 classic is a Charley Harper gem. AMMO has carefully restored all the images and reproduced Birds & Words in its entirety and in its original format.
A book for every bird lover who knows there is more to birdwatching than measurements, range maps, flight patterns and lifetime lists. Birds & Words is a true reflection of Charley Harper, who was that special species of man with twinkling eyes and smile, with wit as infectiously keen and light-hearted as his paintings. Harper the humorist reads as captivating in the self-composed stories that accompany his serigraphs as Harper the artist. An active curiosity prodded him to constantly question nature. “What will happen,” He asked “if a buzzard, which eats only dead meat, comes upon a possum, which plays dead when threatened? The answer has to be that the mild mannered marsupial will win his Purple Heart – possumously.”

Extending Charley Harper’s beautiful work to a broader audience, AMMO proudly celebrates this American icon’s singular style.

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