Beijing International Airport

Foster + Partners
Publisher: Prestel
Binding: Hardcover
Language: English
Pages: 96
Measurements: 20.20 x 20.20 cm

A generously illustrated volume on the design and construction of the InternationalTerminal of Beijing Airport by the acclaimed architectural\nfirm Foster + Partners. Imagine an airport that welcomes you as visitor or neighbor; that takes you efficiently from terminal to plane; that is\nsustainably designed and filled with light and air; that you ll be happy to linger, shop, and eat in. Not only does this airport exist it was built by Foster + Partners. In copious photographs and architectural plans along with informative text, this book celebrates the architecture and technology of the Beijing Airport s International Terminal. Readers will learn how the building is designed to cope with the unpredictable\nnature of the aviation industry and how it incorporates a range of environmental strategies that make it energy efficient and economical to operate. In text and illustrations,this book shows what makes the International Terminal of the Beijing Airport a standard for all others to follow.

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