Bauhaus Museum Dessau Cahier 1 Site (Folio) Cahier 2 Fundament (Leporello)

Publisher: Walther König
Binding: Softcover
Language: English
Measurements: 21.20 x 29.70 cm

Cahier 1, Bauhaus Museum Dessau is the first edition of a collective, editorial project initiated by addenda architects, Moritz Küng, Joachim Brohm and Valentina Seidel. The series of publications aims to document the building process of the new Bauhaus Museum in Dessau, designed by the Barcelona-based studio addenda architects. The pictures will be taken by photographer Joachim Brohm and texts will be contributed by editor and curator Moritz Küng.
The Cahier collection’s visual identity uses as a common element the numbers of Paul Elliman’s typography “Albers”. This typeface is inspired in the “Architype Albers”, created by Josef Albers in 1931 at the Bauhaus.

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