Arquitecturas prematuras/Premature Architecture

4 libros
Interior 1
Interior 2
Valcarcel Medina, Isidoro
Publisher: Caniche
Binding: three books
Language: Spanish
Pages: 172
Measurements: 34.00 x 25.50 cm

Premature architecture brings together all the projects on town planning and architecture conceived by Isidoro Valcárcel Medina, an artist who for decades has fed on the city and our built-up environment as one of his main sources of inspiration and action. A “manifesto of disagreement between the logic of construction – as an economy of use – and constructive logic – as a technique of use”. These are not Utopian projects; on the contrary, according to the artist himself, they are the most topical, the most closely linked to the place and the moment, because they do not dictate ways of living, but rather suggest other ways of living life. Valcárcel Medina unfolds before us a series of personal actions, which may well serve as an example, “but they will never possess an exemplary value”.

The deeply particular, heterodox and far-sighted proposals of a creator (he won the National Prize for Plastic Arts in 2007 and the Velázquez Award in 2015) go from the domestic to the public space, and would need another time and another mentality to be built. This makes them, therefore, premature creations. The publication is completed with the artist’s replies to Ernst Neufert’s Architects’ Data, commonly known in Spain as El Neufert.

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