Brohm, Joachim
Publisher: Steidl
Language: English
Pages: 264
Measurements: 26.60 x 20.40 cm

From 1992 to 2002 at the edge of a major German city, Joachim Brohm documented the transformation of an industrial zone characterized by unplanned growth into a modern and futuristic residential and business park. With the patience of a botanist and the curiosity of a cat, he dedicated himself to this area of backyards, enclosures, piles of materials and, later, to the deserted grounds, the geometrically laid-out streets and the rising new constructions.
During his long-term project Brohm worked meticulously to capture the changes in the urban infra-structure. His is a sober everyday world marked by a huge number of trivial details. The photographs’ finely balanced composition give evidence of the ambiguity in the seemingly familiar and the permanent flow of reality.

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