Anzai Photo Collage- Early 70’s

Anzai, Shigeo
Publisher: Amana Salto
Binding: Box with prints
Language: English
Measurements: 21.00 x 28.00 cm

Shigeo Anzai (1939-) likes himself to be recognized as an “Art Documentarist”, who specializes in documenting contemporary artists creating their art pieces. He started to document exhibitions and works of art following Lee Ufan’s advice since 1969. This is precious series of photographs of renowned artists and their artworks from the early 1970s art scene. We have carefully selected 8 artists to print in platinum and palladium. The prints are released together with Anzai’s rare book (same title, published in 1993) in a specially handcrafted portfolio box. Comments handwritten on all prints by Anzai himself.

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