Anselm Kiefer : Himmelspaläste

Kiefer, Anselm
Publisher: Schirmer/Mosel
Binding: Hardcover with jacket
Language: English / German
Pages: 116
Measurements: 22.00 x 31.00 cm

Heavenly Palaces is a series of sculptures 26 works in glass display cabinets and one separate work that Anselm Kiefer created and installed in the late1980s in a historic brick factory of the German
Odenwald region.
Poetic and extremely fragile works that seem to be almost transparent in the changing, reflecting lights of the space, these sculptures are made of photographs and fabric, glass fragments, clay, paper, bone,
delicate card board and wooden structures. They make up a world that is understood only through its direct relations to cabbalistic representations, ancient myths, and Christian mysticism and gnosticism.
This volume presents the series for the first time in color and black and white photographs taken by the editor.

ANSELM KIEFER, born in Donaueschingen,Germany, in 1945,studied law before studying painting with Joseph Beuys. History and myth became the central themes in his freighted work including paintings, sculptures,installations, and artist’s books. First catching attention with his controversial photo series Occupations in 1969 he is today

HEINER BASTIAN, born in Rantau by the Baltic Sea in 1943, is a curator, art historian, author,book editor, and art consultant. He lives in

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