Anish Kapoor: Drawings

Kapoor, Anish
Binding: Hardback
Language: English/Dutch
Pages: 212
Measurements: 30.00 x 25.00 cm

Anish Kapoor is best known for his curvy, enigmatic sculptures in fiberglass, stone and stainless steel. These drawings represent a more private and personal side of his practice. This first book about the drawings ranges from the mid 1990s to the present with color saturated voids and eclipses that clearly feed and complement his sculpture. Jeremy Lewison, former Director of Collections at the Tate, who has known and worked with Kapoor for many years, places this recent work in context of early, overtly symbolic drawings, and of Modernist abstraction, in which Kapoor, like his colleagues, seeks to move beyond the decorative to the sublime. Drawings offers a host of new insights and images, and will be the standard reference on its subject.

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