D'agostino, Ezio
Publisher: Skinnerboox
Binding: Hard cover
Pages: 56
Measurements: 24.00 x 32.00 cm

The Forum des Halles symbolized in the ‘70s a new and ambitious architectural vision in the heart of the historical centre of Paris.
In place of the Baltard’s Pavilions and the general markets, a new futuristic space that was supposed to contain everything was created: trade, leisure, work, education, and art.
A monumental cement complex with subterranean layers brutalized the Beaubourg district.
Today, a new vision takes place: a new complex satisfying the contemporary aesthetic requirements will replace the Forum, suddenly considered obsolete.
These twenty-six pictures were took during the first phase of the demolition of the Forum des Halles, working on a concept of impermanence connected to façade criteria more than to the very durability of a building.
Twenty-six as the letters of the alphabet through which the Forum, thirty-two years after the construction and by this time esteemed as old, declares its own language at the moment of its falling and its oblivion.

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