Alice Quaresma: Playground (Limited Edition 500 copies + signed C Print)

Quaresma, Alice
Binding: Hardcover
Measurements: 21.00 x 27.00 cm

“My work experiments with the physicality of the photograph. By painting and drawing lines over the photo paper I reveal the papers fragility and limitation. The work reveals a moment of discovery through the unexpected way the material exists on top of the photograph. To me, the process of making the work is fascinating and as a photographer I let materials like acrylic paint, gouache, oil pastel, pencil and tape take the foreground. As I work over my photographs, I observe my images from my past and deal with the nostalgic factor of remembering a moment that is gone and it will not come back. A moment that was private or not, but as soon as I share it with the public it’s not mine anymore, it’s part of the world. My work deals with the condition of memory to find a sense of belonging.”

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