Alberto Giacometti, Yves Klein: In Search of the Absolute

Giacometti, Alberto
Binding: Two hardcover volumes housed together in
Language: English
Pages: 300
Measurements: 24.40 x 28.20 cm

This stunning two-volume set evokes the differences, as well as the affinities, between the works of groundbreaking artists Yves Klein and Alberto Giacometti.
Volume one of this beautiful new book features archival images of both artists among new texts by curator Joachim Pissarro and others, as well as never- before-translated texts by Isaku Yanaihara, Dino Buzzati, and Pierre Descargues. Detailed illustrated chronologies for each artist complete volume one, while the colorful second volume includes color plates of all the works displayed during Gagosian Gallery s 2016 London exhibition of the same title, as well as installation images.”

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