Adolf Meyer, Walter Gropius & Georg Muche: A Bauhaus Experimental House: Bauhausbücher 3 (Bauhausbucher)

Binding: Hardcover
Language: English
Pages: 82
Measurements: 18.50 x 23.50 cm

A superbly designed account of the first building based on Bauhaus principles

Adolf Meyer (1881-1929) was Walter Gropius’ right-hand man, his planner and close confidant. As early as 1910, they jointly created the Fagus Factory, one of the most important modernist buildings. The experimental single-family home, “Haus am Horn,” was built for the first Bauhaus exhibition, in the summer of 1923 in Weimar. The house was designed by Georg Muche and the architectural department at the Bauhaus. Adolf Meyer and Walter March were responsible for construction management.

The book describing the project was compiled in the summer of 1924 and became the third volume of the Bauhausbücher. Following an essay by Walter Gropius that supplies information on the “Housing Industry,” Georg Muche presents the design of the model building. Adolf Meyer then describes its technical execution, giving details on the companies involved.

A Bauhaus Experimental House is published in an exacting English edition for the first time.

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