A les 8 al bar Eusebi

Danés, Salvi
Publisher: Dalpine
Binding: Soft cover
Language: Spanish
Pages: 144
Measurements: 19.90 x 30.00 cm

Self-published last year in a strictly limited edition, we are happy to work again with Salvi Danés and present his book A les 8 al bar Eusebi.

The recently closed La Modelo prison and the adjacent Eusebi bar serve as a backdrop to A les 8 al bar Eusebi [At 8 at bar Eusebi]. The book pays tribute to the memory of this area of Barcelona’s Eixample district and its people through an atmosphere bathed in rust and suspicion. A plot skillfully suggested by Salvi Danés through gestures, ways of looking and details to describe a time without glory.

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