Plensa, Jaume
Publisher: Artika
Binding: Artist s book
Pages: 224
Measurements: 42.50 x 30.80 cm

An edition of an sculpture created specially by Jaume Plensa for Artika. It gives us the opportunity to appreciate one of the world’s most influential sculptors.
A limited edition – 998 copies in Arabic numerals, and 200 in Roman numerals – and all of them signed individually by the artist himself. The sculpture also features Plensa’s original signature in bas-relief.
This sculpture, which has been conceived as a case in two sections that can be closed and held shut by a system of hidden magnets, shows the face of a girl with her eyes closed. Anna, the girl in question, is a constant image in Plensa’s work, with her countenance that transmits a sense of serenity, and emphasises the concept of inner beauty.
The large-format Artist’s Book takes us on a visual journey through the most recent years of the artist’s work. A wide selection of photographs interspersed with reflections by Plensa himself and quotes from famous writers. For display purposes, the piece comes with a black resin stand that features the artist’s name in relief.
Devised by Rafael Argullol, the Study Book is an indispensable work of reference for anyone wishing to discover and truly understand the work of Jaume Plensa and his evolution.
Conceived by the poet of sculpture, this work is filled with subtle details that change according to the direction of the light.

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