“The Fragile Feast” the Hannah Collins

12 / 01 / 2012

On 12 January, Ivorypress presented the culinary journey of British photographer Hannah Collins through Ferrán Adrià’s cuisine. In documenting the creation of 35 dishes by the world-renowned Catalan chef, the photographer has portrayed anemones from Cadiz, kuzu from Japan, honey from nomadic bees in Italy, or pines from the Pyrenees, among other raw materials.

Adrià explains that Collins succeeded to ‘portray the behind-the-scenes of each one of these ingredients, to follow the thread of a whole series of emblematic products all the way back to their origins, each one which implies a specific region, people who have been working with the products for a long time, very often following techniques and processes handed down from generation to generation’. The resulting 250 photos of this work by Hannah Collins were on show at Ivorypress Space II until 4 February 2012.