A view becomes a window

19 Sep 2013 to 28 Sep 2013

On 19 September Ivorypress presented the artist’s book A view becomes a window, by Olafur Eliasson. An edition of nine unique books in which the author proposes a new experience between the book and its observer. Until 28 September, Ivorypress hosted —as part of the programme of the event APERTURA, in Madrid—an exhibition in which several of the volumes of this book, published by Ivorypress, will be shown.

Glass and light are the main elements of the work. In lieu of pages, the volumes contain a variety of glass sheets of various colours, qualities, and degrees of opacity. Each copy, bound with leather, sits upon a bookrest to be observed in great detail and thus experience the abstract narrative game initiated by the artist.

Some of the glass plates have ellipses and circles cut into them, framing the lector’s face as they turn the pages. The pages were hand-blown by artisans from the Glashütte Lamberts glassworks, in Germany, one of the few remaining factories in the world capable of producing hand-blown glass sheets of this quality. Because they are handmade, the edges of the leaves are irregular, and each bears the imperfections of its production, making them unique pieces.

Images: © Pablo Gómez-Ogando. Courtesy Ivorypress