01 Oct 2009 to 04 Jan 2010

The exhibition consisted of 23 pieces created over the last five years, divided into two parts, representing the dynamic and static elements of Rovner’s work. In line with her interest in creating installations in specific places, Rovner responded to the bibliophile nature of Ivorypress to create works which revolve around the written word.

Rovner uses a persuasive mixture of archaeology and the physical format of books as contexts for her kinetic images, and her work expresses themes related to historic documentation and record-keeping, as well as the notion of the written word as a basic tool for expressing the human condition.

The exhibition’s focal point was Fields of Fire, a dynamic large-scale video installation, which was exhibited for the first time at the Jeu de Paume in Paris (2005-2006). This work, an attractive global portrait of the power of nature and the never-ending desire of humanity to control one of the earth’s most valuable resources, is based on shots originally filmed by the artist in the oil fields of Kazakhstan.