Drama Turquesa

04 May 2010 to 30 Jul 2010

Drama Turquesa’s leitmotif has its roots in a piece called Derrame Turquesa, from the Derrames series, which consists of objects that appear to have been exposed to high temperatures or deformation, causing them to melt.

The artists use symbolic Cuban items such as congas, drums and kerosene lamps, which are melted and reduced to a liquid stain on the floor. Recurring themes in this work include (sometimes biting) humour, game playing, provocation and a wide-range of materials. These elements are visible in the drawings and in the barbeques made by the duo, with titles such as Sandinista National Liberation Front and Sub-official Grill, inspired by the monuments to unknown soldiers in socialist countries.

Los Carpinteros use architecture, sculpture and design to express political metaphors through revolutionary symbols and the use of colour.

Images: © Iñaki Domingo NOPHOTO. Courtesy Ivorypress