14 Feb 2012 to 25 Feb 2012

Isidoro Valcárcel Medina (Murcia, Spain, 1937) is one of the foremost representatives of Spanish conceptual art and the 2007 winner of Spain’s National Award for the Visual Arts. In this Artist’s Book, Valcárcel Medina explores the comparison between the limited and the unlimited while proposing a reflection on seriation and exclusivity, two recurring concepts in the art world. Each of the volumes of ilimit, created in an edition of nine and two artist proofs, is unique, signed and numbered by the artist and consists of 500 pages. The content of these pages is solely their numbering, correlative in volume after volume, from page 1 up to page 6000. This page numbering is written using ordinal numbers in different languages, chosen randomly from a total selection of 58 languages.