06 Nov 2019 to 11 Jan 2020

Ivorypress is pleased to present Chilean artist Fernando Casasempere’s latest project, Geology, on 6 November 2019.

This exhibition, open to the public until 11 January 2020, brings together a series of sculptural and pictorial works based on three sources of inspiration: pre-Hispanic heritage, the Chilean landscape and the impact that living in London for twenty-two years has had on the artist’s work.

Geology marks the first time that Casasempere’s paintings, with clear material and sculptural resonances, are more prominent than his three-dimensional works. Familiar with earthy and mineral mediums—including clay, porcelain and ceramics—the artist describes his creative process as ‘an acceleration of natural geological transformations, such as mineral sedimentation.’ In this new pictorial series, Casasempere explores the telluric phenomena of the Atacama Desert, its earthy crust and saline formations.

Chile, the artist’s birthplace, is a geologically unstable landscape where earthquakes are fairly common. This tectonic instability has always been a part of Casasempere’s imaginary. In the sculptural series Tectonic plate, the artist materialises this interest by bringing together distinct materials, much like those present in the earth’s layers, creating textures and plasticities that imagine the aesthetic of our planet’s core.