Le Corbusier: The Last Project

30 May 2013 to 13 Jul 2013

On 30 May Dionisio González opened his first exhibition at Ivorypress, entitled Le Corbusier: The Last Project. In this show, the renowned photographer reflects on utopia, survival and destruction through twenty unrealised projects by the architect Le Corbusier.

‘This exhibition intends to show a work of restitution of omitted vestiges’, explains González. It is therefore an archival task ‘based on processing the object so that it does not become corrupted by oblivion and may be interpreted through its scale and dimension’. The artist has selected buildings that were never erected, such as the Governor’s Palace, in Chandigarh, India; Villa Paul Prado in Buenos Aires, Argentina and the Museum of Unlimited Growth, in Algeria, to restitute them and, at the same time, to destruct them.

The photographer makes the unrealised projects of the master of modern architecture explode, following the idea of philosopher Heidegger that ‘every unbuilt project is a ruin’. The non-execution becomes here ‘a silent and silenced destruction, an explosion which, in this case, implodes’.

Images: © Pablo Gómez-Ogando. Courtesy Ivorypress