Siderian Tides

12 Feb 2013 to 16 Mar 2013

Ivorypress presented Siderian Tides, the first solo exhibition in Spain of German artist Daniel Lergon (Bonn, 1978). The show comprised his latest works, which reflect his studies on colour, the interaction of light with different surfaces, and optical effects.

The title of the exhibition alludes to the Siderian period, a geological time that began 2,500 million years ago, when the so-called ‘Great Oxidation Event’, which made possible the current chemical composition of oceans and the atmosphere, took place. It was also during this period that the Huronian glaciation was generated, one of the biggest ones in the history of the Earth.

In his work, Daniel Lergon combines such scientific subtexts and optical backgrounds with an enigmatic language of painting. The result is unclassifiable and oscillates between these dualities, a trait that characterises his artistic production.

Ivorypress’s presentation of Daniel Lergon consolidates the gallery’s commitment to support emerging international contemporary artists as part of its annual programme.

Images: © Pablo Gómez-Ogando. Courtesy Ivorypress