Particle Traces

24 Nov 2015 to 16 Jan 2016

Ivorypress presented Particle Traces, the second solo exhibition at the gallery of the German artist Daniel Lergon (Bonn, 1978). The show featured several works on paper painted with different metal powders. Instead of paint or industrial pigments Lergon has used pure elemental metal for its connotation of mass and grain, applying metals such as iron, copper, tin or zinc—bound in vinyl—to the paper with a brush.

The metal particles trace the way and the dynamic with which the brush has moved across the paper, which is emphasised by giving the compositions a physical density and presence that couldn’t be achieved by a thick patch of paint. These particles give the works a presence that is at times fluid, at times solid, but always an evidence of movement.

In addition to the exhibition, Ivorypress and Daniel Lergon are happy to announce the publication of an artist’s book that Lergon conceived with the American poet Gregory Carlock. Fire Untouched by Smoke is a leporello-bound book that consists of eleven drawings by Daniel Lergon and twenty texts by Carlock.