14 Sep 2016 to 12 Nov 2016

On 14 September Ivorypress presented the exhibitions Inverted Spires and Descendant Folds, by British artist Conrad Shawcross (London, 1977), and Verso, by British artist Cornelia Parker (Cheshire, 1956).

Verso, by Cornelia Parker, stems from the publication of the same name created especially for Ivorypress’s LiberArs collection. By deconstructing everyday objects, Parker’s work shows the viewer how even the most insignificant things can trigger a deeper meaning. Through a combination of visual and verbal allusions her work evokes cultural metaphors and personal associations, which allow the viewer to witness the transformation of the most ordinary objects into something compelling and extraordinary.
Parker has a fascination with the inverse, she has been drawing attention to the underbelly of everyday objects for some years now.

For Verso she photographs the underside of cards used to display buttons from a museum collection. Parker uncovers the patterns created by the workers whose hands had sewn the buttons onto the cards many decades before. A repetitive mundane task has produced unconsciously abstractions on the underside of the card. As each card’s original function was to be a backdrop to an array of goods, the backs therefore are free to evoke the opposite meaning.

Images: © Pablo Gómez-Ogando. Courtesy Ivorypress