Imaginary Cities

07 Jun 2011 to 30 Jul 2011

The first cycle of the publication C Photo (2005-2010) had initiated the C Action Project, with the intention of promoting contemporary photography. For each volume, C Photo commissioned two artists with the creation of a series. The photographers received a grant as an aid for the creation of a portfolio made up by three series. The selection of the artists was made by Ivorypress Team in collaboration with different curators, gallery owners and directors of photographic collections from both public and private institutions from all over the world. This procedure guaranteed the independence of the selection process as well as the quality of the works.

The Imaginary Cities exhibition set in motion a new initiative that involved the arrangement of thematic exhibitions chosen among the work of these 20 artists who took part in C Action Project. The works of art were displayed through a series of group exhibitions, organised around a theme. The four artists who were selected to take part in Imaginary Cities are: Julia Fullerton-Batten (Germany/England), Rong Rong (China), Inri (Japan), as well as Giacomo Costa (Italy) and Sun Hongbin (China).

Images: © Iñaki Domingo NOPHOTO. Courtesy Ivorypress