07 Sep 2011 to 05 Nov 2011

From 8 September through 5 November, Ivorypress presented CA-RO-TA, an exhibition project which featured painters Eduardo Arroyo and Luis Gordillo and photographer Jordi Socías. The show brought these three artists together for the first time.

The creativity of Socías’ photographic session with the two artists was the starting point for the pieces Gordillo and Arroyo later presented at Ivorypress. The works show faces and masks, as if ‘reflecting a desire for theatricality in an ironic context,’ Luis Gordillo explains. Alongside the works by the two Spanish painters, a selection of photos by Jordi Socías was also on view, giving the beholder an insight into the collusion and connection between Arroyo and Gordillo. The distortion of the faces in the portraits made by the Catalan photographer dovetails neatly with the expressionism and sarcasm visible in the pieces by the two painters.

Eduardo Arroyo (Madrid, 1937) is a key artist in Spanish new figuration whose signature style has made him a true icon of contemporary art. Luis Gordillo (Seville, 1934) is one of the seminal names in Spanish abstract art, and enjoys widespread international recognition. Jordi Socías (Barcelona, 1945) in his work as a photographer has portrayed characters and icons of art and politics, as well as countless current events in Spain and worldwide.