Una librería en Berlín

Frenkel, Françoise
Publisher: Seix Barral
Binding: Paperback
Language: Español
Pages: 296
Measurements: 13.50 x 23.00 cm

In 1921 Françoise Frenkel -a young woman passionate about French culture and language, founded the first French bookshop in Berlin, La Maison du Livre. Una librería en Berlin is a testimony told by its protagonist on which the author explains her itinerary: in 1939 she run away from Germany where it was already impossible to sell French books and newspapers and takes up exile to France, looking for a refuge. After the Nazi occupation, what actually awaits her is a fugitive life till 1943, when she manages to cross the Swiss border and finds freedom in Geneva. This book unveils the voice, look and emotion of a brave woman whose determination helps her to escape from a tragic destiny.

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