Museum Global Local C3 Special

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Pages: 224
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Like other urban types of buildings, museums are unique presences in cities. With their image, activities and contents, they characterise the urban contexts in which they sit. The Guggenheim in New York and Bilbao are clear examples of the active role that museums play, where these buildings have become icons in which not only residents, but also the international tourist population recognise itself. As cultural institutions, museums play a major role in the city’s public life, preserving the history of the urban, social and cultural contexts, whilst promoting their future. Whether buildings dedicated to local activities in a remote village, or global institutions that propel cultural life in the city, all museums around the world share a similar mission: to protect contextual histories, and disseminate them through people, reaching residents as well as international visitors. written by Silvio CartaWhere there is a good collection and high quality architecture, museums have the capacity to revive and sustain cities and be their cultural heart, pulsating with energy and activity that extends far beyond the ‘mere’ appreciation of art. Museums, like the Tate Modern in London, which has become a magnet for the art lovers, epitomizes the new generation of museums, where tourists and locals congregate en masse to see world-class art in all its enticing guises. With the aid of seven specific museums: MAAT in Lisbon, the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington D.C, MOMA in San Francisco, the Broad Museum in Los Angeles, the Kunstmuseum in Basel, the International Museum of the Baroque in Puebla, Mexico, and the New Tate Modern in London, this essay examines how global museums have diversified their collections and their project briefs in order to enhance the allure of museums and looks at how this diversification has affected museum architecture. written by Anna Roos

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