Los animales son deliciosos

Ladd, Dave
Publisher: Phaidon
Binding: Hard cover
Language: Español
Pages: 48
Measurements: 16.50 x 22.80 cm

Animals eat animals in this informative exposé of three animal food chains\nThree of the longest food chains of the animal kingdom are depicted in three accordion-foldout volumes, complete with stunning dimensional art and sparse read-aloud text.\nYoung children will experience the factual, specific, and possibly surprising information via bright visuals, pleasingly repetitive text, and a physical folding-out of the chain itself. The food chains are themed as terrestrial, avian, and aquatic, respectively, fully researched and vetted by a professional.\nThe information effectively expands upon the familiar experience of eating by portraying the parallel experience within the animal kingdom; it also creates a basis upon which to discuss the carnivorous tendencies of humans!\nCreated for ages 2-4 years

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