Artist´s Books Club – April

2 / 04 / 2018

Tuesday 10 April, noon, Ivorypress, C/Comandante Zorita 46-48

The Ivorypress Artist’s Book Club meets every second Tuesday of the month at Ivorypress at noon to view an artist’s book or a selection of books by an author from its collection.

The Ivorypress Artist’s Book Collection is comprised of works by more than eighty national and international artists, including early precedents and key works from the history of artists books, as well as recent examples. The collection is a reflection of Ivorypress founder and director Elena Ochoa Foster’s passion for artists’ books, which brings together some of the most unique books in artistic production from the nineteenth century to the present day.

At this club meeting we talked about Christian Boltanski’s artist’s books. Christian Boltanski (1944, Paris) is a multidisciplinary artist known mainly for his installations, although he has also produced photography, film and sculpture, among other media. He has published a large number of artist books, twenty-seven of which are part of the Ivorypress Artists’ Book Collection.